Blades in the Dark Recap

We haven’t played Blades in over a month, and it was also a month between games last time we played. So here’s a quick-ish recap to get everyone up to speed as we play our first in-person game ever (!) for session 18.

The new guard of the Ghost Bones, children and former street urchins, are learning the ropes and taking over some of the operation from their mentors. We are in Season 2.5; this season has focused on the fallout of the old guard’s reckless actions and the rise of their child protégés. We reached an obvious season halfway point when Asdis made a pact with the demon Setarra in a bargain to enter the ranks of the Spirit Wardens.

The industrious Hive have expanded to control all contraband trade in Doskvol. After the faces of the upstart Ghost Bones gang started being plastered on wanted posters all over town by the Bluecoats, the Hive have been waging war with the heebee GBs. The streets are abuzz with the news that Djera Maha, Dagger Isles pirate queen and leader of the Hive, has been reunited with her partner and former boss of The Crows, Roric, now a ghost.

However, the Ghost Bones struck a serious blow against the Hive in their last score, destroying one of their largest pirate ships (The Void Raider 😂) and its stash of contraband spirit bottles. They made away with one containing the ghost of a particularly rambunctious old ship captain. The crew was discussing going after Roric or Maha directly, or trying to drive a wedge between the ghostly and physical bases of the Hive’s power.

The situation back in the gang’s home turf of Crow’s Foot is relatively stable, with their rivals the Red Sashes controlling about half the district and the Ghost Bones holding the rest. However, the Hive are narrowing their search for the hidden grotto that the crew has adopted as a home base.

The handsome Iruvian noble Vey Faros rots in Ironhook Prison, slowly being driven insane by his isolation. His old friends are plotting to rescue him whether he likes it or not. The gang hopes to manufacture Feignfilter, a potion that can be used to fake death. They’ve heard that the secretive fence Mordis in Nightmarket has a formula for sale.

As part of their jailbreak plans, creepy little Asdis Forberg has somehow snuck her way into the Spirit Wardens, forming a pact with the demon Setarra to join their ranks. She must keep the antediluvian demon happy by supplying her with electroplasm. The gang hopes her membership will help them sneak into the prison when Vey “dies” and the Spirit Wardens are called to collect the body.

In the background, Weaver’s spider web vibrates with murmurs of activity among some of the city’s most powerful occult forces. Lord Scurlock, the reclusive and suspiciously old noble, has been making moves against his rivals. Rumor has it that he now owns two of the three artifacts of the ancient mummified body of the sorcerer Kotar: his Heart and Hand. The ancient-worshiping Path of Echoes and the weirdo Dimmer Sisters (owners of Kotar’s Eye) are competing with him to control these powerful artifacts. If one group holds all three, the balance of power in the Dusk is sure to shift.

Additionally, the gang’s old contact Bazso Baz has reemerged as the leader of the Cult of the Empty Vessel, worshippers of a Forgotten God. They have identified their Spirit Champion through arcane rituals, finding Jul the blood dealer (Grimsey’s rival) a fitting candidate. They are planning to sacrifice her to their god in the Deathlands when the stars are properly aligned.

Tune in next time to find out how the Ghost Bones navigate this spooky situation.